Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anti-government attitudes need not kill health care reform

This research concludes there is evidence that current anti-government sentiment need not foreclose the public option. However the pundits pretty much agree that it will be impossible to pass a health care reform bill that contains any kind of public option. Support for such an option is generally positive according to public opinion polls.

So why isn't congress listening to the polls? One theory is that their paymasters, are against a public option because it would destroy private companies.

The study was done before health care reform became a red hot issue following the rise of the Obama administration. It would be interesting to see how things have changed.

There are now so many Idiot Americans being constantly stirred up against the government that it may be impossible to effectively govern anymore until the public resentment against the government is attacked successfully. There is no other counterbalance strong enough to oppose corrupt greedy corporations. Who it may go without saying are responsible for corrupting our political system.

Somehow, the public has to understand that the demagogues deliberately destroying faith in the government must be effectively countered.

con referencia a: Must health policy for the uninsured defer to current anti-government sentiment?. (ver en Google Sidewiki)

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