Saturday, January 23, 2010

I feel like Alice in Wonderland

Five justices have pretty much set a course that will wreck our democracy as it was conceived by the founders. Ok, wait a minute. The founders gave the vote only to landowning aristocracy and not to their slaves. After two hundred years the disenfranchised managed to wrest a piece of the action, but the five conservative justices on the court have succeeded in nullifying all the progress that the disenfranchised were able to achieve. About the only thing the lamentable court decision didn't do was take away the right of women to vote. Otherwise, we are back to square one with powerful wealthy white men calling the shots.

con referencia a:

"Conservatives may not know how to govern when they are in power, but they sure know how to make certain that centrists, progressives and liberals are not given a sustained opportunity to work their will."
- John Dean: A Supreme Victory for Special Interests - Truthdig (ver en Google Sidewiki)

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