Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New posts are now appearing on our WordPress site

The End of Hereditary Religion is getting bigger and better. Besides myself, two other writers are contributing posts and we have a forum operating in conjunction with the blogs. WordPress offers many features that encourage reader interaction, such as InstantDebate and of course the forum. Zemanta is a plugin that scans blog text and suggests artwork or Wiki definitions based on keywords. This is a wonderful tool to give readers more depth and background for the key ideas in a post.

We plan to mirror the Apostate Alley resources currently posted on Secular Earth and also the secular parenting resources. These resources consist of web sites, blogs, videos, DVDs, books and so forth that people recovering from religion or thinking of leaving a relgion will find useful. What sets our resources apart is the international scope of our effort.

The current Blogspot blog will remain in operation until the major content is shifted to the new blog.


If you are following this blog consider following the new blog as well. At least until we get everything moved.

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