Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TPaine posted the following in the comments section of a USA Today article by Nica Lalli entitled Am I Raising Atheist Children?

I have respect and admiration for many people who happen to be Christians. At times my Christian friends can be simply infuriating.

As an Atheist myself, I repeatedly hear the patronizing sermon from Christians that:

"You need Christianity to have Morals." or: "Your Morals will float in the wind"

How can they not see the inherent insult and self-congratulation in these statements?

I have a mind that functions normally, therefore I am capable of understanding Morality without having a group, or one specific book think for me.

I have spent decades studying Philosophy, Ethics and Morality from a wide variety of sources. No one source is complete, or without its problems.

It is when you restrict yourself to one narrow belief that you risk believing wrongly.

The Bible contains many wonderful ideas. It also contains others I find disturbing, to say the least.

I see no evidence this world was created and directed by any “supreme being” referenced in organized religions. The Natural Laws we see about us every day are elegant and amazing. They don’t require the presence of the specific “being” referenced.

My Atheistic belief is not a Religion, as some would suggest, simply a normal human brain functioning in reality.

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