Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Religious backed group spreads misinformation and fear (excerpt)



The precarious state of parental rights within our nation is reason enough for serious concern. With cases like these filling the courts, every parent should be concerned about the protection and preservation of their rights.But another storm is rapidly forming on the horizon.

International law that seeks to empower the government to intrude upon the child-parent relationship is becoming an increasing threat. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), a seemingly harmless treaty with dangerous implications for American
families, is approaching possible ratification by the United States.

If this treaty is made binding upon our country, the government would have the power to intervene in any child's life to advance its definition of "the best interests of the child." The scenarios that could occur—and are occurring—as a result of this dangerous notion are both manifold and frightening. Under the UNCRC, instead of following due process, government agencies would have the power to override your parental choices at their whim because they determine what is in "the best interest of the child."

In essence, the UNCRC applies the legal status of abusive parents to all parents. This means that the burden of proof falls on the parent to
prove to the State that they are good parents—when it should fall upon the State to prove that their investigation is not without cause.


Source http://www.parentalrights.org/learn/the-attack-on-parental-rights

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Firstly, the laws that will implement the CRC (providing it is sucessfully ratified) must be written and passed by legally constituted US legislative authority, which is what is supposed to happen in a democracy. So making wild statements about the effects of ratifying the CRC does nothing except stir up fear, which is the purpose of propaganda. The people behind parentalrights.org are right wing Christians. There is nothing precarious about the current state of US law, which if anything is heavily biased in favor of parental free exercise of religion. If the legislatures do enact laws that are more restrictive, then that is the will of the people and patriotic Americans are expected to obey the law.

Secondly, there is nothing to suggest the country would ever amend the US Constitution as the schemers at parentalrights.org would like. This propaganda scheme is intended to keep a few cunning attorneys rolling in donations, but is never going anywhere.

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