Friday, February 13, 2009

UNICEF Freedom of Thought Poster

I came accross this photograph of a beautiful little orphan girl taken by Noel Gomski (who granted his permission to use this shot). You can see his other photos on Flickr. This photo appears on a web site in the Philippines:

Children have the right to freedom of thought and this includes about religious matters.


kat said...

hello rich :) i am glad you found the photos. it is indeed a beautiful photograph. the original one is in color, also as striking as the black and white version. :)

Kevin said...

Hi Richard,
I was interested in tracking down the source and intent of this photo. Unfortunately, what I found over at UNICEF is that this is about parent's right to indoctrinate and control their children's thoughts. Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief

Rich said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your input. The URL links to a working document used by the Special Rapporteur. One must realize that there are many UN human rights conventions and not all of them are in sync. One reason the CRC was developed was the diplomats at the UN recognized that children are a special case. There is a phrase in the child rights world that you need to understand how to decode. That phrase is that decisions must be made that are in "the best interests of the child". I'll try to clarify this complicated business in a separate post. These rights documents are all works in progress.