Thursday, February 14, 2008

My related articles on Helium

I have published eight articles on Helium that relate to the theme of this blog. I would welcome comments, especially comments about the last article. For some reason it is stuck in the middle of the ratings.
(Should Children be Taught Religion?)
(Is Homeschooling in for a Big Shakeup?) (Should There be No Religion) (Whats Wrong With Religion) (Teaching and Preaching) (Will people eventually write their own version of the Bible, in the manner of, say, Wikipedia?)

The Cell Phone Bible Project

In this satirical article I defend updating the Bible (and the Koran for good measure) to align with our modern view of constitutional government rather than following Mike Huckabee´s advice to amend what he wants us to believe is the malleable US constitution. Of course the Islamists don't have a clue about government or constitutions, but I felt they might feel left out if I did not show I was thinking of them and my heart is in the right place. They tend to be a peevish lot. Along the way I take a poke at revelation, people who see nuns in cinnamon buns, and other admittedly soft targets. If you have the time and the inclination perhaps you can read this short article and give me some feedback. Any comments are appreciated and I hope you get a chuckle. (Saving the Children From Religion) (Atheism vs. Religion) (Protecting Children From Controversial Books and Movies) (Teaching Children About Atheism)

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